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We have done it. And it works.

Our impact on the environment and the global growth of the human population demands a change to an ecocycle adapted way of planning and building. Traditional western infrastructure and the way of planning are not sustainable.

EcoCycleDesign is a holistic way to design buildings and cities and it combines beautiful design with system design. Our mission is: reduce, reuse, recycle, renewables and rethinking. We have improved our method for more than 40 years in different types of projects in Sweden and all over the world, and EcoCycleDesign can be used both for new buildings and for retrofitting of an old building.

EcoCycleDesign includes cost efficiency, sustainability, energy saving, recycable material, high quality, good indoor environment and health.

We will show you why we need to plan our buildings and cities in another way, what we can learn from our projects and how you can use EcoCycleDesign as a tool.




Our new EcoCycleDesign brochure
Nov 14, 2011 Karin and Anders Nyquist will speak at the Bhutan Climate Summit 2011 inThimphu, Bhutan.

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An ideal social vision for a project describes the ideal ”life” in the building or in the city now and in the future.


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An ideal ecological vision describes how to minimize damage on the environment during construction, maintenance and the demolition of the project.



An ideal technical vision
describes the system that best satisfies the leading words: reduce, reuse, recycle, renewables and rethinking.



An ideal economical vision describes not only the
investment costs for the project but also the yearly and life cycle costs