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For the last twenty years or more, we have been discussing in Sweden if it is possible to build eco-houses and plan our cities in a more sustainable way. Very often we have met professionals and politicians saying: "It´s impossible", "We have never done it before", "It´s too expensive", "It´s not working". But things are changing. Communities and private companies show more and more interest in building green as a part of their image and according to their environmental policy.


Our first project started in 1967 with a village outside Sundsvall in the north of Sweden where 30 families live today. Since then we have completed over 50 projects in Sweden and other parts of the world.


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Energy Wise House - Villa Ödman
Welcome to an Energy Wise House that yields profits for both the climate and your wallet.
A unique ecological collaboration between Ford, McDonalds and Statoil.
New Village Leadership Academy, Los Angeles
EcoCycleDesign retrofit of a private school in Los Angeles sponsored by the actor Will Smith.