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The ultimate ecocycle adapted house:
  • Will be built with an ideal social, ecological, technical and economical vision
  • Will be run with a project management from the first idea to completion
  • Will be accommodated to local conditions and local climate
  • Should work towards protecting boidiversity
  • Combines beautiful design with System Design
  • Have sealed flows and circulation
  • Have flows that can all be measured
  • Get their added energy from renewable energy sources
  • Have low needs for energy 
  • Has an environmental and clever electrical system
  • Has an environmental and clever ventilation system
  • Has low water consumption
  • Cleans the waste water locally
  • Takes care of rainwater locally
  • Is made of healthy and local material and surface course free from VOC emissions
  • Is made with healthy and simple technical solutions
  • Will facilitate for composting, sorting and reuse 
  • Will facilitate for operation, managing and maintenance
  • Contributes to a better social environment
The above viewpoints apply both to newly built and rebuilt houses.

However, we need to find solutions that make eco cycle adapted houses a norm within all types of buildings.

If you want a more detailed presentation of our policy please contact us.