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Eco-cycle-adapted house in Duved, Sweden
Sustainable Urban Living
Nov 26, 2009 Seminarium
Sept 14, 2010 Anders Nyquist will be speaking at the World Congress on Zero Emissions Initiative in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Sept 16, 2010 Anders Nyquist receives the Life time achievement award at World Congress on Zero Emissions Initiative.
April 19, 2011 Karin Nyquist will be speaking at Green Solutions Week in Machakos, Kenya.
May 21, 2011 Anders Nyquist will be speaking at TEDx, Bratislava
Aug 30, 2011 Karin Nyquist is now a licensed BREEAM International Assessor
Nov 14, 2011 Peter Dean will together with Karin and Anders Nyquist speak at the Ministry of Work and Human Settlement in
Nov 14, 2011 Karin and Anders Nyquist will speak at the Bhutan Climate Summit 2011 inThimphu, Bhutan.

Sustainable Urban Living 

The idea
“Ordinary” blocks of flats are only a way to stack people during the night. We need buildings based upon a social vision and buildings which meet the need of sutainability in the future.

Our idea is to offer blocks of flats for all kind of people in Sweden and everywhere where you need an urban living. The house is specially designed for those who need a safe way of living. The building can be specially designed for the aging population and people who need more service than they can get in an ordinary block of flats. Different kinds of services can be provided within the building. People can help each other. The building is a sort of three generation living. In the middle an indoor botanical garden as a part of the ventilation system and a place to enjoy. Common rooms and lounges with glassed verandas for all those who live in the building. Guest apartments, offices, workshops and perhaps a daycare centre for children and old people can be provided.

The first house with 32 apartments is built in Umeå - Nydalahuset. The owners moved in September 2006. We have evaluated the project and this is the base for the new projects. Just now we are planning one project in Örnsköldsvik with 150 apartments and one in Kvissleby south of Sundsvall with 50 apartments.

The social vision has been noticed all over the world. TV-companies from many countries have been in Umeå.

Sustainable Urban Living is a holistic idea built upon a:

Social vision
Living, work and leisure time are mixed in the same building.
Contacts, community and security are parts of the dayly living.
A home for all kind of people and of all ages.
Different types of services for those who live in the house.
A lot of common space for cultivation and being together.
Possibility for influence on the maintenance of the building.
Can be specially designed for aged people.

Ecological vision
Reduse, reuse, recycle, renewables and rethinking are the basic philosophy.
The flows through the building shall be closed lopes.
Eco-cycle-adabted building with healthy material, no emissions, no radiation.
Healthy building technology on account of dry building method.
SplitBox takes care of the ventilation, recycling of energy, waste water, kitchen waste.
The green plants in the green garden is a part of the ventilation.
SplitBox recycles energy from air, humidity and water for heating and hot water production.
Restproducts: a dry virus- and bacteriafree fertilizer and clean water. The clean water can be infiltrated on the plot.
Suncollectors for hotwaterproduction if needed.
Small footprints in nature.

Technical vision
Wellinsulated building. Cellulose insulation.
Prefabricated volumes built of glue laminated timber.
Low energy consumption (less than 40 kWh/sqm and year in northern Sweden).
Only need of extern energy during the ten coldest days during the winter. Energy from pellets, groundheating or small electric heaters where you need higher temperature.
No district heating.
Local treatment of waste water.
No connection to the local waste water treatment plant.
Inlet air through the ground. Preheating in the winter, cooling during the summer.
Ventilation through the gutters in the shower.

Economic vision
Low yearly costs.
Low life cycle costs.
Low costs for the community.

The apartments
The apartments are prefabricated like a container with everything readymade from the plant. Floors and walls is made of glue laminated timber. All apartments can be adjusted to everybodies need. The size and the layout can be varied. Additional apartments can be added to another apartment. Special care of the noise reduction between the apartments. Light sprincler system for fire protection is installed for maximum security. Watersafe installations. “The Green Room” is the safe common arena for all those living in the house. A meetingplace where you can enjoy the fresh green plants also in the winter. Perhaps also cultivate eatable vegetables. This is a room for a common library, music room, dining room for guests and partys, room for all kind of hobbies and room for playing. Space for store rooms, technical installations and the need of parking areas can be provided in the first floor.

Construction on the site starts in 2010.