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Welcome to an Energy Wise House that yields profits for both the climate and your wallet.

Environmental issues that are handled in our partnership
The objective of Energy Wise Houses is to create a new platform for housing with low energy consumption, low annual costs, simple maintenance, low service life costs, no connection tomunicipal drains or district heating, i.e. a house with a minimal impact on the environment. Solutions that can be applied on a large scale. In addition you have the selection of other construction material, lighting etc.


Energy Wise Houses are entirely environmental and ecocycle adapted. As supporting documentation for the project we have used a checklist that is a result of the evaluationsof the ecocycle projects we have conducted in Sweden and abroad.


Energy Wise Houses show how we can incorporate environmental and ecocycle adapted houses in existing developments with antiquated infrastructure. Completed projects that involve singlefamily houses where the existing vegetation has been preserved to the greatest possible extent. The houses are located to ensure a minimum of excavation work. The solution for Energy Wise Houses also works for apartment blocks, offices, schools and commercial constructions.


Energy Wise Houses have been created by combining the SplitBox and Koljern techniques.


To learn more about villa Ödman click here (PDF - 3.6 MB)