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Karin Nyquist, Architect SAR/MSA, BREEAM International Assessor

In 1997 I started my own architect office, Karin Nyquist Arkitektkontor, located in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. I am working closely with my father Anders Nyquist in many projects.

I work with small and large scale ecocycle adapted projects all over the world. I teach EcoCycleDesign at universities and hold lectures for municipalities, companies and organisations. I perform environment assessments on buildings in Europe, such as BREEAM.

I believe that Ecology and Economy are very close connected. To build in harmony with the environment is also to build in harmony with your economy.

I live and work in a house we have built ourselves mainly from re-used building material. The new materials we have used are locally produced, healthy, durable and possible to re-use in the future. We use renewable energy - sun, wind, wood and wood pellets - to heat our house and tap water. LED-lighting devices minimise the need of electricity for lighting.



Karin Nyquist Architect SAR/MSA

BREEAM International Assessor

Karin Nyquist Arkitektkontor

Kaktusvägen 10

426 69 Västra Frölunda



Ph: +46 31 - 69 01 79 (business and home)

Cell ph: + 46 709 - 433 178

E-mail: arkitekt@glocalnet.net