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Peter Sweetser Dean, BFA Architecture, MFA Furniture Design
Born 1951 in Boston, Massachusetts - USA


I am currently employed by the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where I teach Design Theory and Process, Furniture Design Studio Methods, Sustainability: Green Materials and Green Behavior, Research Elective and serve as Senior Degree Projects Tutor. I am in the process of co-developing a program at RISD based on the Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science of R. Buckminster Fuller.

While I am trained as an architect and have executed a number of residential architectural projects over the years, the bulk of my design experience has been as a furniture designer. I have executed each and every one of my designs for individual clients, gallery and museum exhibitions and on speculation. My work has traveled with exhibitions throughout the USA and Europe and appears in a number of museum and private collections in the USA.

Before entering the design world, I was an Environmental Science major at college. Environmental issues have always been close to my heart and mind. In the last ten years, I have become intimately involved with implementing programs devoted to environmental education from Kindergarten through university level in an effort to transform mankind’s relationship to Nature by reaching out to young people.

In my role as a board member of the Marion Institute, I have been responsible for implementing the Gaviotas Carbon Offset Initiative and the ZERI Learning Initiative.

If we are to preserve the earthly home that supports the human experiment, we must shift from a relationship to Nature based on “subdue and exploit” to a relationship based on “renew and restore”.

Peter S. Dean
428 Point Road
Marion, MA 02738

Ph: 508 748-3310 (home)

Cell ph: 508 525-5149

Ph studio and fax: 508 748-0664

E-mail: psdean@comcast.net