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The energy from the sun is the presumption for all life on earth. Solar energy turns the eco-cycle wheel.


Photosynthesis is the process by which the structures of life are built. Photosynthesis depends on solar energy and all kinds of chemical elements. The real production takes place in nature not in factories.


The eco-cycle starts with production and gives us possibilities for consumption. After consumption, decomposition starts. Production, consumption and decomposition are the natural cycle in nature.


Solar energy is a never ending resource and the only thing that is continuously added to our planet. All other resources on the globe are given once. This is the capital – the funds -, and the solar energy is the interest rate.


If you want to live in balance with nature, try to live from the interest rate and not from the capital. Solar energy can build up a vast accumulation of resource wealth that can be stored for the benifit of all living creatures.