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The most important ingredient for a successful eco-cycle-adapted project is an engaged client with a “green” vision. The client who is responsible for the idea behind the project shall take part in the process from idea to maintenance phase. A creative dialogue between the client and the project manager is necessary for a successful outcome.

In all projects, especially in eco-cycle-adapted projects, you need a project manager from the first ideas until the maintenance phase.

The project manager is responsible for the documentation of the project.  He is also responsible for controlling and monitoring the EcoCycleDesign. This is a part of the quality control of the project.

The client will appoint together with the project manager the consultants who will be involved in the project. It is very important that the consultants join the project early so everyone can contribute in the early stages of a project. They shall be a part of the program work. If the consultants are openminded they can act in all kind of fields in the program work and during the whole process. There are no bad suggestions. Rethinking is the way of finding new solutions.

The total project organisation must be decided upon early in the process, with each member’s responsibilities made clear.