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During the whole process, the project manager has the overall responsibility for the follow up together with the consultants. Documentation is the key-word for following up.

If somebody wants to change something during the process it is important that everybody check if it is in accordance with the overall program and eco-cycle-adapted solution. If not, the project manager or a consultant shall write down a reservation and send it to the client. We are responsible as consultants for the construction for many years into the future. If we agree upon a construction method, we are also responsible for the choice. If we choose a totally new construction method or system, we shall present all possible doubts we can find out at the moment.

A final documentation of the project shall be handed over at the end of the construction phase together with all operation manuals. If the client desires, we can also include a documentation of all inbuilt materials with detailed specifications. This documentation shall follow the building and be available in the future when the building will be changed or retrofitted. New knowledge about any material used in the project can be added to the documentation in the future.