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It is important to evaluate every project. The evaluation of the social vision, the ecological vision, the technical vision and the economic vision is important. We mostly use students at the universities for the evaluation as a part of their education. We are very open to distribute our experiences from our projects. We have no secrets! Positive and negative experiences can then be a base for improving the next project or have a value for other clients and consultants. If you make mistakes – don’t make them again. If mistakes are made – make new and fresh ones. Do not repeat the old ones.

In the latest projects we have been involved in, we also install instruments that measure the flow of energy, the flow of water, air quality. Humidity and temperature are measured outside and inside the building. We also measure in the middle of the insulation in the foundation, the walls and in the roof. All measurements are stored in a computor and can be used at the evaluation. Universities and scientist can use the documentation later on.