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We can offer tailor made education programs and information for companies, municipalities, universities and schools.

Subjects: Green planning and building. System design. EcoCycleDesign. Energy saving. Waste water treatment. Building technology. Building material. Project management. Time-cost-calculation. And much more. You can find an example under “LECTURES” – “EcoCycleDesign as a tool for sustainable buildings”.

Clients: Universities in Sweden, Italy, Japan and USA.

“Time-cost-calculation” as an example

Very few people really know how much money they spend on housing, food and a car. ”Time-cost calculation” is a tool which compares the income per hour with how many hours you need to work in order to afford certain things. The calculation can even be used when you want to make a rough estimate of how many hours you have to work before making a new investment.


A Swedish example in SEK:
Salary per month SEK 21,000 x 12 months =
Income taxes in %
Purchasing power per year
Working-hours per month including travelling 200 h x 11 months =
Purchasing power per hour
Builder fees per hour + VAT 25% =
Working hours to pay a builder for one hour
2,400 hours
4 hours
Housing costs                                                                          Amount of working hours
Normal costs SEK 6,000/month x
12 months = SEK 72,000/year
Eco-housing costs SEK 2,500/month x
12 months = SEK 30,000/year


Normal living 4 people SEK 15,000/month x
12 months = SEK 180,000/year
Green living 4 people SEK 7,500/month x
12 months = 90,000:-/year   


25,000km/year á SEK 2/km = SEK 100,000/year   
15,000km/year á SEK 2/km = SEK 30,000/year   

”The normal family”
”The green family”
”Working time”. Months per year






 429 hours







1,286 hours





858 hours



2,572 hours
13 months




1,029 hours






2,571 hours






1,428 hours




5,028 hours

25 months


Potential savings for ”the green family” is 12 months hard work!

Conclusion: live green and work part-time and you have the same purchasing power. It is even very profitable to build your own house partly as a do-it-yourself project using time-cost calculation.

If the cost of driving a car is SEK 4 per km and your salary is SEK 70 per hour you have to work 0.06 hours to pay for each km. If you want to visit someone living 80 km away and you drive at a speed of 80km/hour, you have to work (0.06x80 + 1  hour driving) = (4.8 + 1) = 5  hours and 48 minutes to go 80 km.  

Average speed 14 km/hour!